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The Atyrau Outdoors Grand Council has decreed the start times for this weekend of 25-26 Jun shall be 7AM.  They have also decreed the start locations shall remain the same.

UK citizens will have to negotiate their own start times and locations from henceforth #Brexit…
Grand Council Spokesperson

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Jun 14 2016

Ride start-times change to 07:00 for coming weekend

Coming weekend, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June 2016, are forecasted to be very hot (upto 40degC by noon), dry and not a lot of wind.


In order to not get totally fried during our regular rides, we are changing the ride start-times to 07:00from 08:00 for coming weekend.

Start locations remain unchanged.


Take more water than you think you will need (general rule of thumb of 1 Liter/hour).

Check the website safety tips and don’t forget that sunscreen and mozzy repellent.


If temperatures remain high after coming weekend, a further announcement around prolonged early rise & shine start-times may follow.


Happy trails!

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Jun 09 2016

Ride reports – How can so many new things happen?!?

ne might think the vast open steppes hold little in the way of surprises.  Mundane dirt tracks on well established routes that stay constant year to year.  How different can one ride be from the next?  Well, just add water!

Super Cycling Man Swampy Skeeter Ride

Our first ride report comes courtesy of Super Cycling Man.  This gentleman has been on a years long quest to cycle every continent over a five year period.  He was one year in when he came to see us in Atyrau.  We were able to convince him to come out on an evening ride with us.  Brent shot and edited some video of the experience.  Needless to say he was not expecting the slog through the mud we experienced on the return from Horse Bath to Levee Junction!  None of us was.  Turns out the high water due to rains led to a levee breach which has flooded and old streambed along the track.  Some exploring on later rides led us to establish two new options to get around it.  One is a shortcut from Zen Pond while the other takes a longer more southern route around it.  Both tracks are good and worth checking out.


At the starting point of an evening ride with Super Cycling Man

Banana Peel Off Bog Ride

Ride report two turned out to be the attempted last ride for our departing members.  Banana Peel was dialed up for a 100km attempt with options to shorten.  Shorten we did!  After a navigational error heading south we found ourselves faced with a daunting water feature.  Most riders were in discussion of how to proceed while a small advance group decided to:

  1. See what the track was like
  2. See if they could ride through
  3. Forget going back I’m already this far in I’ll keep going!

…much to the dismay of the riders who were watching all of this unfold.  So a breakaway group of 4+1 (Fatyrau riders plus one non-kit member) headed off along the less travelled paths of the southern trails.  The remaining riders decided to forge their own ways home along various known and much drier paths.


At the start of the Old River Club Satellite dish for the “Bog ride”


Portage through the wetland bits. Turned out to be a nice track…for a bog!

Smell The Flowers Uneventful Ride and BBQ

Which leads to the final ride report from our Smell the Flowers ride to introduce new riders.  We always like to wait to publish recent ride reports like the ones above so as not to scare off potential victims recruits.  Luckily we knew of the levee breach, rutted tracks, masses of mosquitoes and blistering sun so we set out early on a known track to minimize any difficulties.  The ride did not disappoint and we finished up in time for some refreshing adult malted beverages and a bit of a BBQ at Zhety Kazyna to finish.


The Flower Smellin’ crew at the start.


The standard photo for everyone who made it out to Levee Junction



And a final image of Mark at the BBQ on his commuter bike but still in aero position.

This is the last known photo of Mark on a bicycle in Kazakhstan.  Way to finish strong!


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Jun 01 2016

Springtime in the steppe

Spring signals many things.  The regeneration of life, new births and the emergence of a long hibernation from winter slumber.  Atyrau Outdoors also sees this as the end of winter and the opportunity to explore on the ice routes of the Ural and it’s tributaries.  This winter coming to an end was not missed.  The weather was unusually mild making for a late freeze, thinner ice and an early thaw PLUS a soggy steppe that never quite froze and never dried out.

Spring also fades into summer which sees the end of cooler riding days and the ultimate loss of some of our staunchest riders.  School lets out leading to a temporary absence but longer term redeployments, retirements and career changes lead to complete loss of some.  We said goodbye to Dave W., Mark C., Jeroen B., Brent F. and Mark M. who will be hopefully staying in touch through the newly formed Atyrau Outdoors Alumni Strava group.  Stay tuned for more info on this group as we hope to keep in touch and provide a resource for planning big reunion rides all over the world.  Vatternrundan anyone?!?

Atyrau Outdoors continues to evolve and adapt to the challenges.  With good humor, camaraderie and the overwhelming desire to get out on the bike and explore the vast steppe!


Farewell BBQ event at Dostyk village, May 2016

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May 26 2016

New summer cycling kit design – Place your orders

It is with happiness and pride that we announce the creation of a design for AtyrauOutdoors summer cycling kit.

 Summer Cycling KitWe have designed a summer cycling jersey and a summer cycling short. These online preview versions can be rotated for front, back and side views.

A fair amount of design, deliberation and negotiation has gone into it, ultimately finalized through a democratic majority vote at a recent farewell bbq.

We rather like them and believe it fits well for riders in Atyrau: it attempts to reflect  power, dusty steppes, robustness, AtyrauOutdoors and Atyrau emblems and the Kazakh colors.

We are ready to place orders.

Cycling kit will be ordered with the company Owayo, who have been helpful as usual. The order will use sport-cut grade materials. On previous occasions a pro-grade cut was used and was received with mixed very emotions, which is why we will not order that cut.

Remember AtyrauOutdoors is neither commercial, nor a proper organization. It is simply made up of just a bunch of enthusiastic riders bound by the same passion.

These are the ordering rules:

  • The design will not adjusted or individualized.
  • The outfits will be delivered to Atyrau and will not include attempts to deliver globally.
    If you live outside Atyrau and have an interest, you will have to organize delivery through someone that you know in the AtyrauOutdoors community.
  • No upfront payment received by date mentioned below means no order will be placed for you.

The exact pricing depends on your commitment to order. As we order more items prices will come down significantly. It is expected that a set of jersey and short will cost 100 Eur or less. For each tranche of 5 more the price of jersey or shorts goes down 10 Eur, see Owayo’s pricing scheme for Jersey and Short.

This is how we intend to process the order:

  1. Identify your desired sizes, using the sizing charts
    1. Sizing chart for Jersey
    2. Sizing chart for Short
  2. No later than Monday 30 May:
    Send an email to  <Casper.Blom[at]>. Mention:
    Your name
    Jersey size and quantity
    Short size and quantity
    You will receive a confirmation email of your order together with payment instructions.
  3. No later than Friday 4 June:
    Commit your individual order by ensuring that the total payment value is paid as per the instructions.
  4. Around the middle of June:
    Expect to have your order in Atyrau for pickup by you.
    Detailed timings to follow. Yet we target this so that those who depart this summer may still obtain their sets.



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