Jun 01 2016

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Springtime in the steppe

Spring signals many things.  The regeneration of life, new births and the emergence of a long hibernation from winter slumber.  Atyrau Outdoors also sees this as the end of winter and the opportunity to explore on the ice routes of the Ural and it’s tributaries.  This winter coming to an end was not missed.  The weather was unusually mild making for a late freeze, thinner ice and an early thaw PLUS a soggy steppe that never quite froze and never dried out.

Spring also fades into summer which sees the end of cooler riding days and the ultimate loss of some of our staunchest riders.  School lets out leading to a temporary absence but longer term redeployments, retirements and career changes lead to complete loss of some.  We said goodbye to Dave W., Mark C., Jeroen B., Brent F. and Mark M. who will be hopefully staying in touch through the newly formed Atyrau Outdoors Alumni Strava group.  Stay tuned for more info on this group as we hope to keep in touch and provide a resource for planning big reunion rides all over the world.  Vatternrundan anyone?!?

Atyrau Outdoors continues to evolve and adapt to the challenges.  With good humor, camaraderie and the overwhelming desire to get out on the bike and explore the vast steppe!


Farewell BBQ event at Dostyk village, May 2016

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