Oct 01 2016

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2016 Centuri-run “Really Gone Bananas”

Like an itch that was not scratched. At least to those who could not make it last week it felt that way.

Why not ride and re-ride, re-enjoy the track along such a long stretch of water and further en-grain it into our memories and into the internal memory of our better-trusted Garmin devices?

There was enough appetite with  a number of people joining who where unable last week and another few brave souls who where in for riding it again.

Mild winds, fresh and chilly, down to nearly 0C, it was promised to be. And chilly it was: Various cold extremities ensured no suppleness was achieved for at least the first hour or so.

As the morning progressed temperatures rose and the sun came out.

Some of us were able to bring the joy of the “in-ride experience” to a whole new level with cigars and beer en-route. Maybe this should become standard issue for all AO riders?!

Other were living new fantasies doing a small catwalk along bra-brothel tree.

Lastly we had the pleasure of guiding a rogue returning visitor longing for his old steed, who just can’t get enough of the Atyrau steppe as opposed to the Houston circus.

A joy it was again with another strong finish at Dostyk!

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