Jan 13 2013

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Fantastic winter ride

What a fantastic winter ride today!


View on the Canal

We set off with a cold start with Gunter, Sicco, Mark and myself towards the Levee Junction, this time riding a bit over the Canal.

There was no significant wind and the sun was bright (still -12C though).

IMG_20130113_112814 IMG_20130113_112825 IMG_20130113_112851At the Levee Junction we decided the weather was so gorgeous we wanted to ride to Pete’s Villa, which looked doable. And it was! Great riding with the three dutch speaking that continued.



























At Pete’s Villa, I decided for the first time in Kazakhstan Winter I was overdressed for the occasion.

The shadows of Pete's Villa
The shadows of Pete’s Villa

As soon as we could after Pete’s villa we hopped onto the side river of the Ural, and headed back to town.

Saw two huge eagles, one flying, one sitting on the frozen river. Came accross Cows ‘grazing’ on the frozen river, what would they be looking for? We soon found out when, at a fishing hole, we saw people fishing and a cow drinking from the same hole! Mind you, such a hole is maybe 30 cm’s wide… Only at the Balykshi bridge did we leave the ice and turn back onto the road.

Despite it not being soo terribly cold, 50+ km mid-winter is long. I had my *small* fuel tank very empty towards the end. And slow and long riding as well at 4+ hours. The body uses most energy to just stay warm.

What a great memorable ride it was today!

Weather permitting, definitely to be repeated next week.


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