Mar 30 2011

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Time to Ride Again

The temperature has been steadily creeping up and before long we will be right ready to get the bike out of the garage.  For the few of us who are aiming for the “biking every month in the past 12 months” record it’s time to swap out the studded tires and show off the Team Atyrau jersey you’ve got in the closet somewhere.  We’ll start slow and build up our endurance for a ride to Peshnoy (65km) in about a month, and then another 100 km ride in late May or early June before it gets uncomfortably hot.  Come join us for a few rides this weekend:
Saturday – 2 April at 10.00 AM: if the weather stays dry between now and the weekend we’ll attempt to go to the Levee Junction and back thru the Fish Farm for approximately 30km
Sunday – 3 April at 10.00 AM: normally it is a slower ride of shorter distance.  Depending on how many people showing up we can decide on a route at the start.
And if you cannot wait til the weekend, then join us tomorrow morning at 6.00 AM for a short ride on the road before traffic gets heavy.  We’ll ride for about 50 minutes.  Do put on the lights (front and rear) if you have them.  There won’t be much traffic, if any that early in the morning but it’s always safe to be visible.
All rides start at Dostyk Village main gate.  Safety helmet is required, and all rides are no-drop.  We stop for all mechanicals.  New riders are welcome if you can manage the distance.  If you are a beginner let me know and I’ll put together a “Welcome to Atyrau” ride.  
Note: the ride is cancelled if the road is wet. 

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