Mar 10 2012

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A levee too far…?

Today we went out for a ride as usual but it turned out to be one of the best rides this winter. Gunter, Casper, Aarnoud, Stas and undersigned turned up at the tennis court in new river club, a little snow falling (again).

With the muddy circumstances of yesterday and last week fresh in our minds but much lower temperatures we decided to take our chances and head for Levee junction.

This went quite well, despite the snow coverage, as the ground was frozen solid. from the Levee junction we first tried to go to Pete’s villa but this appeared a levee too far, and after 1.5 km of toiling over ice/snowbanks and through deep snow we decided to turn back and take the desert highway instead. This went much better, albeit a fair workout due to the snow. We even spotted a few camels as the photos show – see the photo gallery.

The weather was excellent and the ride was great as all of us agreed.

We did deviate a bit when the highway got lost under the snow, but we reached the canal and turned right to reach the fish farm. A short stretch over the road, and we turned right at the school, through the village and along the riverbank which was also still quite solid so no major problems. The last stretch along the boulevard was a home run……..




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