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AtyrauOutdoors is maintained by volunteers who love to ride and have been lifted out of the dinosaur era and have hence been earmarked as webmasters.

As of October 2017, Nathaniel Cameron (Nathaniel.cameron.1@gmail.comis maintaining the site.

We are capable of doing so by delegating and sharing as many of the tasks and blogging capabilities as possible with other bikers in Atyrau.

Have something you want to put here, or you want to help us improve? Contact us!

Mailing list

Atyrauoutdoors has a email-based mailing list feature, where you can subscribe to.

The mailing list is to be used to reach out to the entire registered biking community for bigger events and announcements.

It is not useful if you only want to reach out to a small subgroup of bikers.

Want to join the Atyrau Outdoors biking mailing list, send an email from the email address you want to register to AtyrauBiking[at]

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