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Biking. That’s what we do here. On mountainbikes. Yes, with the lack of mountains around us here, All Terrain Biking (ATB) is probably more appropriate.

The steppe is our target. Occasionally the urge spikes to find the local bikers “holy grail” here, being biking to a point from where one has a clear, unobstructed view on the open water of the Caspian Sea.

The passion for biking and the outdoors is what is shared in this community. It also is one of the few means by which there is opportunity to get out of town without any dependencies on others.

On the menu for viewing are then local wildlife, such as camels, wild horses, snakes, foxes, large birds of prey, and many of the migratory birds that pass the northern side of the Caspian.

And there running in the wild. Hashing….


Below is a list of major events that helped shape the “face” of Atyrau Outdoors over the years and helped increase its popularity.

2009Kiet TranDomain name registered
Joomla Website created
2012-10-20Aarnoud Hoekstra,
Casper Blom,
Pieter Stegeman
Website overhauled from Joomla 1.5 to WordPress 3.4.2
– Google Maps viewer added
2012-10-21Casper– Automatic BackupSchedule included
– Mobile version of the website created
– Graphene Theme added
– Contacts page added
– About page added
– Imported all Photo Galleries
2012-10-22Aarnoud– Moved GPS track display functionality to the WordPress environment
2012-11-13Casper– Added Captcha plugin to avoid undesired registering/commenting
– Added draft page for Hashing
2013-06-20Casper & Aarnoud– Added cross-posting to Facebook, commenting through FB
– Restyled layout
– Solved ISP related admin issues
2014-09-21Casper- Big rides hall of fame added
2014-12-01Casper & Aarnoud- Yearly riding schedule introduced
2015-04-24Casper- Logo created and presented
2015-05-05Casper- Restricted administrators page created
2016-07-13Casper- Menustructure reorganised: top levels for tips (bikes, clothes and safety) and Maps&Tracks added.
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History of Cycling Kits

Over the years Atyrau Outdoors has tried to create a sense of community by designing and ordering cycling kit specific to the group here.  The designs reflect the evolution of the riding group, the personalities of the designers and the uniqueness of the place we ride.
They are listed below.
Spring 2016
A design created to be intended as …

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Open Outdoors People Spirits
OOPS! is how we summarize our mission of riding our bikes in the outdoors around Atyrau town.
We love to get outdoors, seek, reach and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Atyrau. We do so on our suited mountainbikes that allow us to reach places that our provided car transportation systems do not cater for. Places …

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