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Big rides hall of fame

This page lists all the big rides that have been organised and who has finished them.

Big rides

Big rides are all the rides that have taken place, or have been confirmed to have taken place with a group of minimum 3 people and have covered a distance greater than a 100 km. The majority of the track should be offroad on dirttracks, with tarmac only used to get to the start of an offroad section.

Big RidesDateLength
Avg Duration
Finish ratio
Metric Centurion "Gone Bananas"2016-0910406:30141393%
Gone Bananas Discovery2016-09 September10405:3033100%
Dune Sea Exploration2016-07 July11344100%
Banana Peel Fruit Salad Century2016-06 June11655100%
Metric Centurion2015-09 September10507:00191895%
Imperial Centurion2015-08 August16310:0010990%
Banana Peel Passage discovery2015-07 July11107:007686%
The Big Tribute Loop2015-05 May13707:307343%
Metric Centurion2014-09 September10306:30222195%
Metric Centurion2013-09 September10105:20242396%
Kilimanjaro Graveyard2013-07 July10206:3211436%
Imperial Centurion2013-06 June15909:304375%
Metric Centurion2012-09 September11006:15151493%
Metric Centurion2011-09 September10606:30191368%
First Centurion2010-09 September10014857%

Hall of fame

This list is a tribute to the regular riders that helped shape AtyrauOutdoors, the tracks we can and have ridden, and that shaped their legs.

RiderTotal rides2016 Metric Centurion "Gone Bananas"2016 Gone Bananas Discovery2016 Dune Sea Exploration2016 Bana Peel Fruit Salad2015 Metric Centurion2015 Imperial Centurion2015 Banana Peel passage discovery2015 Big Tribute Loop2014 Metric2013 Metric2013 Kilimanjaro2013 Imperial2012 Metric2011 Metric2010 Metric
Aarnoud Hoekstra41111
Alex Dempster211
Brad Middleton11
Brenden Rogers81111 (quit at 127)1111
Brent Fullerton11
Brian Rava11
Casper Blom101111111quit at 11011
Chris Laidlaw3111
Cliff Fischer41111
Darryl Martin11
David Wickland511111
Ed Heisy211
Gunter Verbist41111
Hein Hilhorst11
Henny Reerink211
Jeff Vann511111
Jeroen Brantjes41111
John Edwards11
John Picaulij211
John Shirley11
Kiet Tran11
Lynette Vann211
Mark Crowther511111
Mark Hardcastle41111
Matt Gulland11
Matt Jones11
Mikhail Saga11
Nathaniel Cameron41111
Dominic Halum9111111111
Paolo Garonne211
Patrick Peeters6111111
Pieter Stegeman41111
Rene Nielen211
Rob Heezius11
Sicco Jager6111111
Steve Martin11
Teun Blom11
Timur Kudaibergenov11
Tom Yarotsky11
Ton van Dijk11
Vanessa Rosenfeld211
Yernur Akmuldiyev11
Zhakzhylyk Ibragimov3111
Jeffrey Toxey511111
Mark Mauer1
Emmanuel l'Ebraly41111
Tearle Harlan211
Eric Geers3111
Mike Winiesdorffer211
Nic Silva11
Andrew Ford211
Francesco Pantaleo211
Can Hatiboglu211
Jonathan Lauthers11
Stefano Filippi11
Sergio Torsello11
Sebastiano Maccarrone11
Francesco Pantaleo11
Shane Blake11



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