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Open Outdoors People Spirits

OOPS! is how we summarize our mission of riding our bikes in the outdoors around Atyrau town.

We love to get outdoors, seek, reach and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Atyrau. We do so on our suited mountainbikes that allow us to reach places that our provided car transportation systems do not cater for. Places and experiences, that most people, including folk that have lived in Atyrau most of their lives, have never seen or witnessed.

As a side-effect, we break some of the perceived boredom that Atyrau may at times appear to present.

Getting there is not always easy. It may require considerable stamina at times when rides take multiple hours and get you far from town. Therefore we support healthy, outdoors oriented lifestyles and want our involved riders to be fit and active.

We promote social bicycle oriented gatherings, and wish to include and add as many people as possible to the active outdoors community. The more bikers that know, experience and appreciate the surroundings and can share it with others, the merrier.

As for the Spirits aspects: riding makes us happy despite various threatening adversaries that may occur, such as mosquitoes and horrid winds. On top of this the experienced riders have a well developed antenna for the beer-gravity-pull-factor pulling us back into town intime to enjoy some alcohol!


The OOPS! term was coined during the creation process of the Atyrau Outdoors logo, spring 2015.

As per April 2016, this has now resulted in the creation of a banner, soon to be seen around town…

Open Outdoors People Spiritis on banner.

Open Outdoors People Spiritis on banner.


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