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History of Cycling Kits

Over the years Atyrau Outdoors has tried to create a sense of community by designing and ordering cycling kit specific to the group here.  The designs reflect the evolution of the riding group, the personalities of the designers and the uniqueness of the place we ride.

They are listed below.

Spring 2016

A design created to be intended as a timeless design for summer kit of Atyrau Outdoors was announced.

Summer Cycling Kit

Fall 2015

This kit was commissioned by a rouge band of fatbikers (not fat bikers) who wanted to capture the newly formed subgroup of fat tire riders in AO.  A fun play on words using the Cyrillic F to spell out Fatyrau.
This is the summer kit:

Fatyrau frontFatyrau back

…and the winter kit:

Fatyrau Jacket frontFatyrau Jacket back


Summer 2015

This kit is the first kit to feature  the recently established AO logo. A test set was created through Owayo using their pro-cut materials. It was felt that the shorts were giving most gentlemen too much of a (errrrr) “camel-toe” appearance.



Summer 2014

This kit was commissioned by the team doing the Vatternrundan:



November 2012

Some earlier kit designs:

AO Summer frontAO Summer rear


Winter version:

AO Winter frontAO Winter back


Dialing up the way back machine we have the 2nd Gen kit:

AO Kit 2 frontAO Kit 2 back


Our crack team of investigators have uncovered the first kit ever by Atyrau Outdoors.

Behold! The Beginning!!!



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