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Maps, POI’s & Tracks


Atyrau Outdoors provides specific localized maps for Garmin devices (in Garmin IMG format) along with options for downloading your own custom maps from third-party providers.

Maps specific to our riding area have been created to support riders in recognizing and navigating in an otherwise featureless steppe.The specific map contains the well-ridden and established off-road tracks and most commonly referenced and recognizable Points of Interest (POI).
The off-road tracks can be navigated by and POI’s can be searched for and navigated by.
These have been entered by other AtyrauOutdoors members, who have ridden the tracks themselves and confirmed the routes.

Note of caution 1: Read the Riding with GPS on the Safety Tips page before setting off on your own.

Note of caution 2: This is Garmin surgery and if you do it wrong you can brick the device (make it unusable) so proceed with caution.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Download map

Download the specific AtyrauOutdoors map (Garmin IMG file named AtyrauOutdoors.img)

Download the specific Atyrau Outdoors POI’s (Garmin GPX file named AtyrauOutdoors.gpx)

Step 2: Install map

A detailed explanation of how to load it directly to your gps can be found in this OSM Help area Thread

Connect your gps to the computer and copy the downloaded file on to your device in the device GARMIN directory. If your device supports additional external media (SD Card) you can copy the downloaded file to a GARMIN directory on that device instead.

Note: On older garming you can only have a single file named GMAPSUPP.IMG. If there is a file named gmapsupp.img make a copy or rename it with gmapsupp_OLD.img or something before installing the new file.

Step 3 Activate map

Disconnect your Garmin device from the computer.

Switch on the Garmin

Go to menu , Setup, System, Map, Map Information. Click on the new map named AtyrauOutdoors Build 2-Jul-2016 and enable it.

You may want to consider to disable other maps that are present already.


You now have all the streets of Atyrau plus the specific offroad trails in the region on your Garmin.

Happy trails!

Points of Interest (POI’s)

AtyrauOutdoors has learned (the hard way mostly) that riding a featureless terrain can be challenging. Naming those few features that are around is key to making our navigation and reference easy. However how many “lonely trees” do we want to refer to and confuse ourselves with? “Lada Canyon” and “Horse bath” do well in our memory and so does for example “Rocky’s highway”.

So with that a POI file referencing most of the estblished AO names for tracks, terrain features and major refuelling stop points has been generated,

Installation instructions

Step 1: Download the POI file

Step 2: Copy the downloaded POI file to your Garmin GPS POI folder.

Once you download POI file into your Garmin unit, then an option of “Custom POI’s” will appear in your “My Locations” category.


Standard tracks that have been ridden a lot have been mapped on a separate tracks page.


You made it to here? Then know that there is sort of a recorded ‘map maintenance procedure’ as to how to add Atyrau tracks, trails and terrain features to the net and back to your Garmin. We have restricted this page as it is not straigthforward and requires some rigidity and approvals from the good folk at OSM.

So contact us and join mapping the steppe!

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