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Since early 2012 a women-only group of riders has developed.

During weekdays the steppe is targeted.

The rides last around 2.5 hours.

The rides take place by pre-arrangement making sure there are enough participants (like the early morning rides).

Contact general atyrau outdoors email.


This group rides the most demanding: average moving speeds are relatively high at between 23-25 km/h. Ride distances are up to 100 kms. This means that the trips can last up to 6 hours.

One needs to be physically and mentally well prepared and therefore ride very regularly under all conditions.


This group usually consists of riders that will target to ride at a moving average of around 23 km/h.

Rides last shorter than on A-group rides to allow people to return in time, so as not to loose too much of the day. Therefor distance covered are usually around 45 km (-ish).


This group takes a more exploring approach to riding. It allows more time to stop, look around and take pictures of the beautiful steppe.


Since end 2011 there have been a number of rides, where kids big enough to ride on 26″ bikes are taken into the steppe.

We suggest a starting age of around 10 years old. It is the intention to ride around 25 km. This can be done in about two hours, depending on conditions.

The rides usually start at around 09:00.

The rides are organized with good weather forecast: not too much wind, dry, sunny, not too hot, nor too cold. Therefor they run from spring to autumn.

There are fixed car drop-off points so that driving through town to get to the starting point can be avoided.

KZ Atyrau, Kids ride dropoff points Display on larger map

It is suggested that for potential newcomer kids a parent joins a ride first to be able to judge whether his/her child is capable and willing to join.

Contact for this group is Casper Blom.

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