Nov 19 2016

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“And tomorrow at dawn we ride west and take …”

It almost sounded like Gandalf the wizard his wise words in Lord of the Rings. Only this time it was overheard during a Friday evening beer-infusion session at O’Neills on what became to be a memorable session.

Dropping into the bar straight from the office the conversations started quite sober around how there was no intention to ride on Saturday as the weather and riding conditions were promising not be be favorable in the steppe with snow cover tracks and underneath perhaps some mud, while at the same time the river surface is still in liquid form.

And then 5 or 6 large beers later Andrew popped above words, which sounded quite wise by this time.

Another couple of beers late, O’Neills was getting empty again, 3 souls thought it was a brilliant plan to ride out to LJ in the morning and were verbally committed.

Come the next morning, a fourth soul -uninitiated in the rituals of winter riding- happily announced to join.

Three set off from ZK bridge with a blue sky emerging against a nice sun, while one had to fiddle with an inner valve causing low (no?!) rear tyre pressure, most likely due to too much princess-chasing indoors.

the group was sliding all over the place and occasionally experienced a happy face plant in the snow. Andrew believe this was due to too high pressure in his rear tyre, so he wanted to let some out. However the whole inner valve got loose and shot out into the snow. It was miraculously recovered and so the ride continued.

Heart-rates were sky-high, speeds was superslow, smiles were big.

A strong finish and farewell to Andrew was well deserved thereafter.

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